Email marketing software with the features you need.

Provide the best possible email marketing experience to yourself and your clients.
e provide a complete hosted environment for your mailing list integrated with your website.

Lists and Subscribers

Subscriber management and organization is one of the top priorities. An organized subscriber database with powerful management features help you become a successful email marketer.

Subscriber Activity Log

A log of every activity of subscribers and allows you to organize them with collected data. This way you can optimize your email marketing campaigns based on the collected insights and increase the return of investment - not mentioning the time you save day by day.

In addition to very insightful subscriber activity log, you can also filter and organize your subscribers based on that data, allowing you to send right on target emails to your subscribers.

Get Personal With Your Subscribers

You need more information about your subscribers if you want to connect with them. All the necessary tools to store extra information about your subscribers. Their name, birthdays, hobbies, what colors do they like; just name it and we can store that information.

With custom fields, not only you can store this information, you can also filter and organize your subscribers based on that information. Custom fields can also store and share a subscriber's information between lists so there won't be any duplicate information; your subscriber has a new hobby? Just change that information in one list and gets updated in every list.


  • Suppression Lists: Prevent from sending to subscribers that are hard bounced, marked as spam or blocked manually.
  • Detailed Statistics: Open and click performance compared to other lists in user account, number of forwards, browser views, spam complaints, hard and soft bounces and ratio of which email client is used to open emails.
  • Custom Fields: Store any information about your subscribers in custom fields and include them in your subscription forms with easy to use subscription form generator.
  • Segments: Organize your subscribers into meaningful groups based on their activity or information.
  • List Types: Depending on your needs, Single opt-in and Double opt-in.
  • Subscriber Area: Allow your visitors to update their subscription information by logging into a subscription management area.
  • Email Notifications: An option to receive email notifications on every subscription and unsubscription.
  • Behaviors: Based on subscription or unsubscription event, redirect your subscribers to your own result pages, subscribe or unsubscribe them from other lists and add them to local or global suppression list upon unsubscription.
  • Email Requests: Process subscription and unsubscription requests made to list specific email addresses.
  • Import Subscribers: Import subscribers into your lists from a CSV file, from an external MySQL database or add them one by one through a form.
  • Export subscribers: You can export your all subscribers or suppressed, unsubscribed, hard bounced, soft bounced subscribers invidually or even only in a specific segment to CSV and XML formatted files.
  • Subscriber Removal: It's really easy to remove subscribers from any list. Select your list, select subscriber segment and then done. You can even remove subscribers not opted in for 30 days.
  • Subscriber Browsing: With an advanced browsing filter, subscriber management and browsing is one of the most powerful features.