Imagine being able to make changes to your Website without knowing HTML. Imagine being able to take full control of your website. The ability to add or edit content, update images, and to manage the critical information that makes your company or organization go. Anybody with basic word processing skills can easily learn to manage a site powered by a Content Management System!

Via a simple, browser-based interface you will be able to easily add new press releases or news items, manage staff pages, job listings, product images, and create an unlimited amount of sections or content pages on your site.

A standard HTML website is static and fixed. Which means that to change any text and images, the page files that make up the site must be edited then uploaded to the web server. To do this you either have to be a web programmer or you have to hire one.

With a content management system, the content within the pages that make up the site is not pre-written into the pages, but pulled from an online database when a user requests a page. You have the ability to alter the content within the database at any time via an easy to use administration interface with your web browser. The logon to your administration uses a secure password therefore no one else can alter your website.

  • Powerful CSS Designs
  • Multiple Layouts
  • User Management
  • Image Management
  • Photo Galleries
  • Lightbox Integration
  • Shopping cart engines
  • Podcasting
  • iTunes Integration
  • RSS Feeds
  • Forums
  • Chat software
  • Calendars
  • Blogging software
  • Directory services
  • Appointments
  • Document Management
  • Commenting Systems
  • Powerful Database Forms
  • Captcha Protection
  • Search Engine
  • Email newsletters
  • Data collection
  • Reports
  • Advertising systems
  • Subscription services
  • Accessabilty Interfaces
  • XML Data Feeds
  • Google Search Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Auto-Update
  • and much, much more…