Tired of trying to figure out if a customers question has been answered in a timely manner? Do you have many computers in your business and many employees handling customer correspondence? Viscott Limited has the solution to take full control of your customers and your employees communications. Resolve CRM leverages the power of the Internet, providing your sales and customer care teams with the tools they need to provide industry-leading service. Our online infrastructure and intuitive browser-based interface makes implementation quick and easy.

With Resolve you'll watch the effectiveness of your company's sales and customer care teams soar! eSupport CRM will allow your company to reach new levels of profitability while retaining loyal customers.

Here at Viscott Limited we provicde our clients with the best possible support with the power of Resolve. Visit our Support Center to see why many of our ecommerce clients are adopting Resolve to mange their customers.

Rapid CRM Integration

Rapidly integrate your sales, marketing and customer departments and increase the effectiveness of your company's business performance. You'll turn every customer interaction into a profitable opportunity and share information across your business in real-time.

The Cost Advantage

Resolve not only improves the effectiveness of your entire business, but it significantly reduces customer service, sales, marketing and administration costs.

  • One price provides everything - application, support and training.
  • No up-front investments in hardware and software required.
  • Ease of management - no need for full-time system administrator.
  • Savings into the hundreds of thousands of dollars from traditional on-site CRM solutions.
  • Add users as needed.

Growing With Your Business

Resolve is designed to meet the increasing demands from your customers while providing you the tools necessary to ensure your company, customers, partners and prospects benefit from our industry-leading CRM solutions – today and tomorrow.

  • Can be easily customized (no programming required) to reflect your unique business processes.
  • Live Support
  • Knowledgebase
  • Troubleshooter
  • Android Edition
  • Windows Mobile Edition
  • iPhone Edition
  • InstaAlert
  • Fast, Tailored Deployment
  • Resolve is a Web-based CRM system that can be rapidly deployed without added infrastructure costs.
  • No software install required on any computer (desktop or server).
  • No need to wait for internal IT support
  • Learn more about Fast Deployment

Anywhere Access, All The Time

Resolve is a comprehensive CRM solution that provides your sales, marketing and customer care professionals with fast, up-to-date access to critical data - regardless of where these employees are located.

  • 24-hour secured access from any location in the world.
  • Supports telecommuters – only a Web browser and Internet connection required.
  • No additional software.
  • Support mobile workforce with wireless PDA access and Offline Synchronization option.