Viscott Limited makes the decision of choosing the right hosting facility an easy one.

All of our clients websites are hosted on Cisco Unified Computing System-based VMware Server Clusters
24 Hour Support / Nightly Back-ups / World Class Hosting Facility / Secure – PA-DSS Validated

World Class Data Center

Our servers are located in Level 3's Tampa data center. It is one of 70+ centers the billion-dollar corporation operates. The facility is hurricane-rated and outside of flood zones. We share the building with numerous major internet providers and large corporations, including several of the largest dial-up and voice providers in the country. Hands-on server support is available from our administrators 24 hours per day on every day of the year. Equipment is protected from fire by industrial fire extinguishing systems and the facility is protected from unauthorized entry by a dual-stage two-factor system. The security system consists of RF card with PIN number access for external entry and palm scan biometric security for internal access to the datacenter. 24 hour security is present to watch over those with access to the equipment. Redundant heating and cooling is standard with a guaranteed 70° F ± 5° F temperature and 50% ± 5% relative humidity. Uninterruptible power supplies keep the power on to all equipment and generator back-up is on-site with a minimum of 48 hours of fuel available.

 The Network

Our network is built around equipment from Foundry Networks, a leader in performance and reliability. Our Foundry equipment extends from the edge where all server switches have redundant power and one uplink to each of our redundant core routers. From the core, traffic continues to one of our multiple border routers and then on to the Internet. Our redundancy allows us to lose multiple routers along the path in and out of our network while suffering no outage. Unlike many web hosts, we own and operate our own routers, and control our IP address ranges and our Internet connectivity. If you would like us to give you a summary of what we can see about another host's network using standard tools, just ask, it may be quite different than their website claims. Many companies that pretend to operate their own servers and network equipment are reselling services from another company's facilities they've never even visited.

 Our Internet connectivity is a mix of high-bandwidth connections from Level 3, UUNet (MCI), Time Warner Telecom, AT&T and Cogent. The majority of our traffic is allowed to naturally choose amongst the first four providers with Cogent primarily being used for just communications with Cogent customers and ISP's who force their traffic to prefer Cogent. We have real Internet connections with all of the aforementioned providers, be careful when evaluating a host because some will show off two companies as their Internet providers even if one just provides the physical cable to the second company and has nothing to do with the Internet connection; the big difference is that connections to two companies is redundant, connections to one company using cable from a second means you now have two points of failure instead of one.

Three of our five providers, Level3, UUNet and AT&T, are three of the largest global network operators on the planet.

Our choice of providers allows much of the traffic to and from our network to get much closer, if not to, its destination before it has to be transferred off onto a different network of possibly lower quality, if at all; this results in better performance for your visitors and customers as compared to hosting companies using lower quality Internet providers. Having multiple providers also gives us a competitive advantage over other hosting providers who have one or more connections to the same provider, because if that provider has an issue anywhere with traffic on their network, it can't be avoided. We currently have a sum of 3444 Mbits/sec of active bandwidth across all providers and the ability to increase that nearly limitlessly (32+ Gbit/sec) without any hardware changes.

Our Internet connectivity is to providers who are all present in the same data center with us and ALL of them utilize multiple physical paths in to, and out of, the building for their fiber routes.

Site Monitoring

Consistent technical performance is part of the formula for a successful site. That's why we monitor dozens of functions related to site diagnosis and quality control for you.